特征 Characteristics
高电性 10A 250V,50万次
Metallic bottom shell
Stainless steel roller,punch and spring
Strong electric property 10A,250V,for 500,000 times
电性寿命图 Electrical life

动作特性 Action characteristics

操作力 Operating forceOF(最大)(Max.)750g-cm750g-cm750g-cm750g-cm900g-cm900g-cm150g150g150g550g-cm
回弹力 Release forceRF(最小)(Min.)100g-cm100g-cm100g-cm200g200g200g30g30g30g100g-cm
前预行程 Pre-travelPT(最大)(Max.)20°20°20°1.8mm1.8mm1.8mm30mm30mm30mm20°
触发位置 Tripping positionTP(±10%)22.5°22.5°22.5°2.0mm2.0mm2.0mm22.5°22.5°22.5°22.5°
行程移动分辨率 Movement differentialMD(最大)(Max.)10°10°10°1.2mm1.2mm1.2mm14°14°14°14°
触后行程 Over travelOT(最小)(Min.)75°75°75°4.0mm4.0mm4.0mm20mm20mm20mm75°
累积总行程 Over travelTT(最小)(Min.)95°95°95°5.8mm5.8mm5.8mm50mm50mm50mm95°

特性 Characteristics

双断开机械功用 Double Break MechanismINO+INC Force Break snap action 强迫断开快速机芯
额定电压/电流 Rated Voltage/ Current10(4)A,125,250VAC/6(2)A,380VAC     For inductance Load,Cosφ=0.4
接触电阻 Contact ResistanceInitial<10mΩ,after testing<30mΩ
绝缘电阻 Insulation resistanceMin. 100mΩ at 500VDC
电介强度 Dielectric StrengthAC 200VAC/Minute for exposed metal/terminals,ground and between opposite poles
电性寿命 Electrical life500,000 at 10A 250VAC Resistive
机械寿命 Mechanical life20,000,000
操作速度 Operating Speed120 Cyles/Minute
防水防尘能力 Degree of ProtectionIP66(防压力水柱级)
上升温度 Ambient Temperature RisedMax 30℃ over ambient temperature at rated voltage/current
合乎标准 Conformed StandardsCenelec EN 50041,EN 50047,IEC 337-1, VDE 0660
操作温度 Operating Temperature-25℃~+80℃
保存温度 Storage Temperature-25℃~+80℃
湿度 Humdity95°RH Max(No Dewing)
冲击系数Shock ResistanceFree Position 10G        Overtravel Position 30G
振动频率 Vibration Frequency55Hz Max
端子螺丝扭力 Terminal screw Locking Force6-8 kgf-cm
其它螺丝扭力 Other ForceCover 12-14 kgf-cm/Head 8-9 kgf-cm/Mounting 50-60kgf/cm
裸铜线尺寸 Bare Wire Gangeφ2 Max
电缆尺寸 Cable Diameterφ9 Max(IP 66 if use cable φ8-9)